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2021 Tournament Information

The 2021 Terra Cotta Invitational will be held April 16-18, 2021. The 26th annual event will be a 54-hole stroke play tournament with 18 holes per day. The entry fee will be $275.00 and will include the Sponsor/Contestant Dinner on Thursday as well as breakfast and lunch, Thursday through Sunday.      

MEALS:  Light lunch provided on Wednesday.  Light dinner provided on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Players Dinner with Sponsors provided Thursday.  Full breakfast and lunch provided Thursday through Sunday.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT:  Play will be in threesomes beginning at 7:55 a.m. each day utilizing the 1st tee and 10th tees.  Pairings for round two and three will be made according to your scores.  There is no cut.

WORLD RANKINGS:  The tournament winner will receive Scratch Players and R & A World Amateur Ranking Points.  The Terra Cotta is a "B" ranked event in WAGR.

PRIZES:  Prizes will be awarded for 1st place through 5th place.

CADDIES:  Caddies are required. Caddies will be assigned by the committee or you may bring your own. Caddie fees for contestants are $45 per day including tip which you will pay directly.  Caddies will be assigned at check-in.

DRESS:  Shorts are allowed for players and caddies during tournament play.  Collarless shirts are not allowed.

PRACTICE:  Practice rounds will be limited to the Wednesday before the tournament.  Practice rounds on Wednesday begin at 8:30.  You may make a tee time for your practice round by calling the Golf Shop at 239-775-8911.  However, reserving a tee time in advance is not a requirement.  

No practice rounds on Monday or Tuesday unless accompanied by a club member.

SPONSOR TOURNAMENT:  There will be a Sponsor/Contestant tournament held on Thursday, April 25th.  Shotgun start at 1:00. Caddies are optional for the Sponsor/Contestant Tournament. Carts are available. There will be 30 players selected to participate in the Sponsor Tournament.  There will be a shotgun tournament in the morning at 8:00 for all players NOT playing in the Sponsor Tournament.  There will be a Sponsor/Contestant Dinner following play on Thursday beginning at 5:30 p.m. Attire is golf casual.  


 HOUSING:  There will be a limited number of accommodations provided by members, but availability is limited. A number of hotels are nearby - click here to view a list of hotels.

TRANSPORTATION:  The club will have transportation available to and from Ft. Myers or Naples Airports. Please indicate on your Acceptance Form if you will need transportation or call the club  at (239) 775-8911.

WITHDRAWAL:  Entry fee is non-refundable for withdrawals after April 1st.

The Terra Cotta is an invitational. However, we encourage applications. If you would like to submit your golf resume for consideration, please send an email to terracottainv@gmail.com.